Monday, April 15, 2013

Back in Black

Well, I've moved, and my closet is better than I expected, though it's filled to the gills! My room is coming together nicely and our apartment it just adorable. I cannot wait until we are more settled and we are cooking in our kitchen and just having an overall wonderful time at home. 
I thought I'd come back and share this amazing little video on fashion necessity- The Chanel Jacket. It's epic and classic, and just the perfect touch of femininity and it's incredibly versatile. Anything, and everything Chanel will always be worth your time in my book. There will never be a brand like Chanel again, and it will forever remain a staple fashion house as it personifies everything that fashion embodies. Check it out... 


  1. Thanks for sharing this great video. What an inspiring video.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post. I would love to read what you think about it. Thanks in advance


  2. Great sharing! Thanks a lot!

  3. I love chanel!

  4. Chanel is definitely a classic, congrats on your move :)

    70th and Chic