Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Onward, march...

Sorry I've been so MIA the past few weeks. I recently completed my junior year in college and have been mostly decompressing from a really intense semester. Being away from my blog, and finalizing this academic year, have really got me thinking about the future- who I want to be, where I want to go, and what is important to me, and more importantly what makes me happy. It's always crazy and surreal to think about the future, and sometimes, I really don't feel ready for it yet. What if I'm not enough? What if I don't have the ability to make my dreams my reality? I'm a planner, you see. And I'm determined. But sometimes, effort can go unnoticed, or things slip through the cracks. I try, however, not to think about such nonsense. I need to constantly remember I am able and willing, and driven, and therefore I hold the key to my future. I have to keep myself balanced and remind myself how everything can count. Then, I fell upon some very necessary advice that I felt I wanted to document and share. If all we want in life is to be happy, why do we have such a hard time achieving it? It's more than doing what you love, it's your attitude, your behavior, the people you surround yourself with, what you invest your time and heart into that all contribute to a beautiful life. I could write so much more about what I have learned and what beliefs are, but, instead, I will let you be inspired by the women that inspired me. I know my life is an adventure, and I'm going to make every second count. Let's embrace it.

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