Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Making Moves

Well, it's official. I'm moving out into a lovely apartment with my two best friends, and I'm insanely excited and nervous. It's beyond overwhelming. I can't help but shake these growing pains of leaving my home, my mom, and my animals. Everything I am used to is about to change, and I can't help but imagine a little me inside my head freaking out, though I am trying to control her, she's made her presence known. My attempts to silence her have included obsessing over the possibilities, the ability to decorate my own place, and all the wonderful opportunities that I am about to embrace. Independence, I think, will only help me flourish and rise to success. I am determined and able, and I know I can do it.
But anyway, enough rationalizing my feelings. We've decided to go with a rustic chic style, with a soft  and feminine color pallet. Clean lines are important to keep the apartment flowing. This Tribeca loft serves as some great inspiration as it is full of style and simplicity. Our little apartment is nothing in comparison, but I won't let it be far off either.
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(Via Trendland.com)


  1. Think I would actually kill to live in an apartment like this! So jealous that you're moving in with your friends, should be an exciting new path

    Loes xx


  2. Wow gorgeous! Wish my apartment looked even a little bit like this!

  3. These pictures are amazing!! I will take one of each. Vacation homes!!!


  4. wow amazing

  5. This is loads of people's dreamy interiors :) What amazing designs, it's surprising!

  6. Wow such nice places! Wish I could live there!


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