Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Garden Variety

At some point in my life, I plan to live in New York City. This garden terrace would be my ideal place to reside. It would be my own little oasis away from all the hustle and bustle. One of the reasons I love home- also known as Los Angeles- is the ability to grow a mini forest in your yard. My dad has always had a bit of a green thumb, and has always spoiled us in vegetation- he's probably the only person I know that can rehabilitate an orchid. Some of my fondest memories are puttering around behind him in the garden of our first house. There, he grew lovely roses and made little me feel like I was in beautiful, enchanted garden verses my plain old backyard.  So having this terrace would be the perfect reminder of home while living the sweet life in NY. Below, this terrace is webbed with greenery to bring a calm, simple atmosphere while admiring the industrial skyline. Upon going inside, a skylight would let in all the natural light one can never get in between the skyscrapers and brighten up even some of the gloomiest days. This, right here, is a dream... 


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