Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm back!

Well, I just had the most insane, wonderful, mind altering, tear jerking, beautiful trip of my life. Granted, it was my first time overseas, but there was something more about this trip- I don't think going anywhere else for my first real adventure would have been as impactful- but I will save the diaries and reminiscing for  another post.... Anyyyyyway, (well here's a tid bit just for explanation's sake), we were in Israel during the craziest weather they had seen in 20 years- that meant rainstorms, frost and one chilly California girl. We also were hiking, expediting and roaming all over the place, so this called for comfy outfits. My uniform in Israel was oversized sweaters and leggings, followed by layers, layers and oh, more layers. So coming home, I needed the biggest fashion fix any fashion addict would desire. I dove write into the interweb looking for anything to satisfy my craving. I blogged, I caught up on the Pre Fall collections, and I inhaled every ounce of style I could. I stumbled upon this editorial from Vogue Spain, that everyone has obsessed over (and for good reason). It's risky and sexy, creating this carefree air that is beyond appealing- definitely the fashion injection I needed. Please indulge...


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