Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Color for a New Year...

This is my new, and favorite nail polish for the remainder of winter. It's called La Moss by Butter, London. It's a rich burgundy and I love it. I have pretty light skin and a dark color like this compliments my skin well. I love the Butter's pigments, they are always super unique and really vibrant. I love OPI, but Butter has been my old reliable. I'm not really a nail trend kind of girl; I never feel like I can pull it off. However, I do like adding another color into the mix, that way my toes and nails can still match, since I'm a sucker for continuity, and adds a little bit of fancy flair. These are this weeks nail...
On Sunday, I am going to Israel for 10 days, and I am beyond nervous and excited. This is my first time overseas and I don't even know how to react. I am not going to have any internet capabilities while I'm there so I won't be able to post on my blob. I promise, however when I return, there will an influx of posts and photos from my little adventure. It's very much an excursion, so me being the fashionista I am, I'm freaking out on how I can still look cute while being comfortable and dressed appropriately for the activities. If anyone has any suggestions, do let me know. This girl doesn't want to be without her ever so obsessive style. 


  1. love your blog ;)
    you're such a beautiful girl ;))