Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Israel was never a place I pined over to visit- in fact, I never was very interested in the country at all. But upon arriving, (even with the dramatic weather conditions), I immediately felt at home; we were welcomed with open arms. Going with a group from the States, we all started as strangers- it made me feel quite hesitant. But suddenly, being in this different world, though full of its own issues and conundrums, it's like everything came together as a whole. We were in this place, together, to learn, together, to grow together. We began to experience the wide range of history and culture that the country had to offer. Trying to write about it,  to describe it, I feel as if all my adventures are effervescently leaving me as I try to put words to my memory. The things I saw, the way they made me feel- how they opened my eyes, how the people around me grew to be my family. For those 10 days, I saw the world differently. I saw my roots, as well as my future; my intentions and my dreams, became ever so clear. To see the world, but especially Israel, is to know myself, and to know the kindness and strength of others. As I try to write this, and try to put truth in my words, I can't help but begin to tear up. There is no other place like Israel, and no other experience like this trip, and to know it's gone and I can never get it back, breaks my heart. I am so thankful for the things I saw and the people I met who are now indispensable- lifetime friends. I will continue to keep posting about this adventure in order to document it to the best of my ability, and to try to understand the gravity of such a trip. 

(Photos credited to Tucker Adelman, Jeff Bessen and Jack Resnik)


  1. These photos are indeed beautiful - especially the graffiti and the hanging boots (did they hang their rainboots?!)! Just don't let them turn you into a Zionist!


    1. Thanks to my awesome friends for that! And don't you worry ;)

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