Monday, June 3, 2013


My main objective in life is to travel. There is nothing more magical than the universe we live in- the people, their differences, their food, their culture, their textiles, their colors... Everything about the world is beyond intriguing to me. I want to love it all, experience everything. I don't think their is anything more rewarding or fulfilling than seeing the world. There is nothing I day dream about more. I  even have dictated specificities in my wardrobe for each location I plan to attend. The excitement and ecstasy I get from witnessing and being around beautiful and new things is an extraordinary feeling that I might as well be addicted to.  It is nothing but the future. 
This editorial inspires me. I love the ideas of neutrals in the desert. Keeping it cool and calm, while extra chic and simple. Definitely something the stylish wanderer should remember. 



  1. My dream is to travel the world too! Love these pictures!

  2. What a lovely post:) I like your you have twitter or fb??

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    Have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria from