Monday, February 4, 2013


If you don't know what L.E.A.F TV is, it's time you did. Blogger, Geri Hirsch from BecauseI'mAddicted (one of my beyond favorite bloggers) and partner, Erin Falconer from Pick the Brain, created the concept of L.E.A.F as an easy way to cover all how-to's. L.E.A.F is an acronym for living, eating and fashion. Each video pans out the steps in an understandable and doable manner. They always have new and interesting recipes and ideas. It's fun, simple and definitely worth while. If you need a burst of creativity in the kitchen or in your wardrobe, L.E.A.F. can provide it. Visit their channel on YouTube!



  1. I love the LEAF series! Their concept is so refreshing!!

  2. Your blog is amazing! check out mine, if you want :)