Monday, January 28, 2013

Coffee Date

The other day I went on a Sunday coffee date with one of my best friend, Natalie. She has always had such great style, it's always so innovative and effortless. Day or night, I am always envious of her outfits, and even more so her accessories. Like me, she also prefers to shop on a budget. Her boots are from Forever 21 and her bag and necklaces where her grandmother's. In my opinion, she emulates the epitome the stylist working student. My outfit is also on the inexpensive side. My shirt is from Brandy Melville and my skirt from a little boutique called Timeless ( I've always loved riding boots over any other boot style. These, I've fortunately had since I was 18 and have been quite the sturdy shoes. Though they have been through some puppy chews and lots of excursions, these Steve Madden boots are one of my favorites. The jack I got half off when I was working retail- the watch is Michael Kors and the Ray Ban glasses were a gift from my dad. As I've said before, I tend to quickly throw outfits together, this is definitely one of those, but it's how I feel most comfortable. 

Close to my home, is one of the quaintest streets in Los Angeles- Tujunga Blvd. There you can find the cutest little shops, some delicious food, and without a doubt some of the yummiest coffee and baked goods EVER. Aroma Cafe can be a little trendy, but as a restaurant it exceeds expectations and creates the cutest and most relaxing atmospheres. Covered with antiques and vintage decor, it feels like home while taking you outside the city. The food is delicious, ranging from dinner specials to lovely garden salads, as well as excellent pastries and a full coffee bar. I could honestly talk about this place forever, but I'll let the pictures do the work. 

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