Sunday, December 23, 2012

Edition: Sunday Inspiration

Over the past couple months, I have realized the loveliness that is Sundays. I value when I have a Sunday off (even though most of the time they are laced with school work and house cleaning). The days when I am able to ignore all my big girl responsibilities and relax around the house, or go to brunch and wander the neighborhood are some of the most inspiring days. When I am able to live on my own, I am even more certain that Sundays will be my favorite day. I'll attend the farmers market and stock up on flowers and treats for the week. I'll light candles and relax with friends, maybe BBQ or even go see a movie. The possibilities are endless. Today, I dreamt of the spots I could leisure around on Sundays. These photos relate to the images in my mind. 



  1. love it! Merry Christmas!

  2. Fabulous selection of images! Adore your blog, you have a new stalker!


  3. Cute details! ;)
    Have a great 2013! ;)