Thursday, December 20, 2012

All I want for Christmas...

Is a trip to Paris. It's the number one place I want to visit in the world. between the culture, the fashion, and the food... It's almost as if its a fantasy land. To me, Paris is Disneyland- the happiest place on Earth. All I can imagine is running around Paris in my over-the-top outfits, eating pounds of pastries, and window shopping to the highest degree. I would spend as much time there as I could, absorbing everything about the city I could. Each day to me, would be like a runway; each outfit would be inspired and on another level. Hopefully I'd get whisked off my feet by some Parisian stud that would show me the city and what it means to be a true Parisian. So who wants to donate to the Alyx is going to France this summer fund?

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