Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Diamond

AHHHH! It's been so long since I've posted! And I am truly sorry! I feel like I've been running around like a chicken without a head. Between school, starting a new job and spending extra time watching my little ones, as well as getting ready for my upcoming trips, I've had very few seconds to breathe or to be creative. And might I add- it has sucked. But I'm back and you can expect daily posts from now on.
For my birthday, I was expecting a camera which would have been awesome since I'd like to make my blog more personal, but I am going to acquire one this weekend, so you will definitely be seeing a new side to my blog! 
However, I did receive something much more meaningful and incredible that I wanted to share with you. As it was my 21st birthday, my parents wanted to give me something truly special and sentimental- this diamond necklace. My stepmother, Julie, was given her Grandmother's engagement ring a while back and has since then deconstructing it and making new jewelry with the diamonds. She incorporated one of the diamonds with another diamond from her fathers cuff links to make a necklace for herself, and then used the rest of them to make gorgeous necklaces for my sisters and myself. It's perfect and sparkly and I love it, and I haven't taken it off since. I feel so special to be included and to have part of an heirloom around my neck. So thank you Dad and Jules! You did a wonderful job! 

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