Monday, November 12, 2012

Finally, here it is...

Well, here it is... My bedroom. Now that I'm posting the pictures, I feel a little like I'm naked on the internet. This room is my masterpiece. I have worked on it for years, and I'm always making little tweaks now and then, but this is my final product. The room itself is so significant to me since everything is pretty much an accumulation of my life. Every piece, every detail reflects me in more ways than one. I have collected all these pieces, whether it be images, or dream catchers, it all tells a story. It all falls under a color scheme that makes me happy, that brightens my day. Parisian style has a huge influence on my room, from the pictures hanging on my wall to the mixing of patterns. I love candles so you can find them on pretty much every surface. So please take a look! I hope you love my room as much as I do.

My kitty sometimes confuses my bed for her throne.  

A dream catcher my lovely friend,  Natalie, gave me for her birthday.
I need fresh flowers in my room at all times / I also like to dress my room for holidays- for instance, by adding these white pumpkins. 

My bulletin board that I've treasured since I was little / I covered the cork with black and white magazine pages and then displayed items I've gathered throughout the years / I then use the pushpins conveniently to hold my keys or my sunglasses or headphones.  

(More dream catchers)

Bags from around the world from my families travels. 

Love my record player. 

My art area and supplies.

My woman.

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