Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Edition: Transitions/Nude

From now on, I will be writing entries called Editions. These will be about anything clothing wise, showcasing selections of what to wear, for instance, on vacations, or featuring lingerie... Pretty much it can be anything about fashion within my life or from our fashion world. Sometimes it will be what's in my closet, sometimes it will be on what I want in my closet, and sometimes it will be on what I think should be in your closet. They will be frequent and informative, that I can promise... So let's start out this first Edition by talking about some of my favorite things in the world; my shoes. 
Lately, I've been drawn towards my beige and nude shoes. They have been a great transitional staple in my closet since summer due to the fact that they can be paired with bright colors. Or now, that we are going in to fall, they also go with the darker hues such as black, navy and burgundy. Instead of covering up from head to toe, in black, black, black and black, why not add a beige shoe? It will lighten your outfit and make it a bit more fun while still matching and complimenting your outfit no matter how dark or heavy it might be for these chilly days. 
These Chelsea boots go with any outfit. I wear them all the time, for their comfort and effortless style. 

These nude Steve Madden heels look great on the town or in a casual outfit. Don't worry if you're bundled up with a coat, scarf and hat-they're the perfect simple shoe for any pant. 

These Jeffrey's are my babies and have been worn quite often. They are the perfect chunky shoe since they are nude as well as accentuating my ankle, which is always awesome in a heel. Best part is, I can wear them all night without whining... ;)

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