Monday, October 1, 2012

Paris Fashion Week

For Paris, the final fashion week of the season, it is always a tremendous occasion. It's filled with some of the most classic labels and the most vintage inspired designers. It always sticks to its guns, always reinforcing that fashion is timeless. The first brand I wanted to showcase is Christian Dior, a constant in the fashion world. In this years, Spring/Summer 2013 collections, Raf Simons' designs perfectly displayed what Parisian fashion is all about. Reworking the woman's suit and modernizing a timeless classic as simple as this, shows his ability to pay homage to Dior's original designs. He was also able to completely add drama with optical fabrics to elegant gowns. These pieces show true elegance and restraint when it came to the technical work while letting lose with definitions and symmetry. It is quite the remarkable collection.

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