Friday, June 29, 2012

Hello, my friends...

Well, I've arrived! My name is Alyx, and I am a fashion addict (Hi, Alyx). For me, it's so much more than fabric and design, it's you, painting your life as if you are a canvas and the paint brush at the same time... Wait I'm not trying to loose anyone here, so let me put it in Lehman's terms- I'm obsessed. And it runs in my blood. My dearest mother taught me from day one how love clothes. In fact, I loved heels so much by the time I was 4, I would sneak them to school so I could feel fancy and beautiful all the time. And man, oh man did it work. I was hooked. 

Clothes are more than just an expression of myself, they are my life line. Not only do I plan to pursue my career in the fashion world, but it's become one of my most favorite hobbies and my greatest means for creativity. Fashion, as many of you know, is more than just the clothes its a lifestyle- a constant outward expression and impression of ones self. 

My blog is about a little more than just trends and photographs. I'm going to discuss interior styling- decorating your habitat to fit you, finding deals and buying on a budget, to even maintaining a practical, whimsical and endless wardrobe. And being called the Princess of Quite A Lot, as my mother calls me (conveniently the only nickname given by her that is made of actual words), you'll also find the occasional  outfit post or documented adventure.

Overall, I just want to provide inspiration and interest in my world, but especially my world influenced by fashion. I truly hope you enjoy my blog, The Princess of Quite A Lot.

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